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By Carol Ekarius, Deborah Robson

This distinctive encyclopedia shines a focus on greater than two hundred animals and their wondrous fleece. Profiling a world array of fiber-producers that incorporates northern Africa’s dromedary camel, the Navajo churro, and the Tasmanian merino, Carol Ekarius and Deborah Robson contain pictures of every animal’s fleece at each level of the handcrafting method, from uncooked to wiped clean, spun, and woven. The Fleece & Fiber Sourcebook is an artist’s instruction manual, commute consultant, and spinning enthusiast’s final reference resource all in one. 

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Uncooked Border Leicester 89 English Longwool family members Fineness of the fiber varies rather a lot, reckoning on the place on the earth it’s grown. North American Border Leicesters have the widest diversity, whereas British animals have a slender band on the finer finish of that spectrum. New Zealand criteria hang around at the coarse finish. Australian Border Leicesters are correct within the center, with the coloured animals finer than the white; coloured fibers in lots of breeds are coarser than their white opposite numbers, yet accordingly that trend reverses. a few Border Leicester wool may well consider a section wiry, in particular from the coarser finish of the variety or while commercially scoured with an excessive amount of enthusiasm or chemical substances. Border Leicester fiber diameters are coarser and the wool feels heavier than Bluefaced Leicester, however the fibers’ fineness correlates beautiful heavily to that of the Leicester Longwool. despite the fact that, the variety of fiber lengths and the crimp styles are different among the Border Leicester and Leicester Longwool, and it’s effortless adequate to inform those wools aside. Border Leicesters have loads of genetic power for generating wool in various shades. within the uk, the breed description specifies white wool with none coloured fiber; against this, the yankee Border Leicester organization offers a coded registration to natural-colored animals in North the USA. the recent Zealand and Australian breed institutions don’t specify, probably simply because they take “white” without any consideration. Border Leicester wool felts kind of good. Bor f r o der L e m T hir t ic est e e e n r ya Mil e r n s Woo ampl e l in M o n c ar d t an a Wool Thirt een Mile rns, additionally fr om ya er st ice Le Border Hand− dye d Bor d er L e ic e ninety half 1 English Longwool relatives st er lo c ok s fr om eBay Border Leicester proof utilizing Border Leicester Fiber FLEECE WEIGHT 8–12 kilos (3. 6–5. four kg) normal, yet most sensible fleece weights may perhaps succeed in 20 kilos (9. 1 kg); yield 60– eighty percentage Dyeing. end result of the luster, Border Leicester will take dyes truly and good. STAPLE size four (half-year)–10 (full-year) inches (10–25. five cm); usually shorn two times a yr FIBER DIAMETERS U. S. 30–38. five microns (spinning counts 36s–50s) U. okay. 29. 25–32 microns (spinning counts 48s–50s) New Zealand 37–40 microns (spinning counts 36s–40s) Australia White, 34–38 microns (spinning counts 40s–46s); coloured, 32–34 microns (spinning counts 44s–46s) LOCK features Tight curls and luster, no longer as overtly wavy as Leicester Longwool nor as narrow as Bluefaced Leicester, even though Border Leicesters even have the purling attribute. The locks are separately unique, and their counsel result in captivating curls. average shades White; breed institutions in North the US allow registration of natural-colored animals, frequently blacks and grays. Fiber practise and spinning counsel. Like different longwools, Border Leicester loves to be spun from the lock, picked and spun, combed, or flicked. it may be spun soft and glossy, to provide a attribute buffed-looking gleam within the complete yarn.

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