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By Darren Du, Katy Lee

Within the e-book, tens of popular illustrators, inside designers and photo designers from various international locations contributed with their wall portray works. The publication is split into six components in keeping with assorted contexts: Wall portray in houses, lodges, workplaces, shops, Hospitals & Clinics, and somewhere else.

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The motif is galvanized via imagery from microbiology and astronomy. The wallpaper covers the ceiling of the ready room. 项目名称:“微观世界”墙纸 设计师:埃弗琳·劳博、妮娜·韦尔利 (“下大象了”工作室) 摄影师:“下大象了”工作室 项目地点:瑞士 苏黎世 完成时间:2009年 项目描述:“微观世界”是为苏黎世一个跟免疫 学相关的项目设计的一种墙纸。主题的灵感来源 于想象中的微生物和天文学。等候室里的天花板 上覆盖了这种墙纸。 Painting in Wall layout 106 107 Polycline d’Amiens 亚眠综合门诊 fashion designer: Pascal Melloul/Le Pré d’eau Photographer: Le Pré d’eau position: Amiens, France accomplished date: 2008 venture description: The adhesive décor on glazing is helping brighten up translucent surfaces; it reduces the outlook whereas taking pictures mild. The dense crops virtually turns into summary within the graphical composition. 项目名称:亚眠综合门诊 设计师:帕斯卡·梅卢尔(水泽工作室) 摄影师:水泽工作室 项目地点:法国 亚眠 完成时间:2008年 项目描述:贴在窗玻璃上的装饰设计为透明的表 面注入了活力。图案阻碍了一部分向外看的视 线,同时又能让阳光照射进来。平面图案由密集 的植物构成,充满了抽象感。 Painting in Wall layout 108 KEH clinic KEH医院 clothier: Dan Pearlman Photographer: dan Pearlman place: Berlin,Germany accomplished date: 2010 venture description:The "Evangelisches Konigin Elisabeth Krankenhaus" sanatorium (KEH), in Berlin, created a holistic dreamland for younger sufferers with psychiatric matters in cooperation with Dan Pearlman's inventive organization. 项目名称:KEH医院 设计师:丹·博尔曼设计公司 摄影师:丹·博尔曼设计公司 项目地点:德国 柏林 完成时间:2010年 项目描述:柏林KEH医院与丹·博尔曼公司这个 具备创造力的机构合作,为有精神方面疾病的年 轻病人打造了一个全方位的、梦境一般的环境。 109 Painting in Wall layout one hundred ten 111 Painting in Wall layout 112 113 Painting in Wall layout 114 Gedankenschatten/ Mindshadows “心理阴影”系列墙画 dressmaker: Evelyne Laube & Nina Wehrle/It's Raining Elephants Photographer: Georg Anderhub place: Contenti, Luzern, Switzerland accomplished date: 2010 undertaking description: Contenti is a spot the place disabled humans paintings. allotted over the recent development are our sequence mindshadows. We mixed silhouettes of daily items that may be present in the development with human physique components and motifs from nature. those elements are depicted in an unexpected use. every one drawing tells approximately its context, leaving area for mind's eye whilst. 项目名称:“心理阴影”系列墙画 设计师:埃弗琳·劳博、妮娜·韦尔利(“下大象 了”工作室) 摄影师:乔格·安德尔哈博 项目地点:瑞士 卢塞恩 完成时间:2010年 项目描述:这个项目的所在地是一个残障人士工作的地 方。“心理阴影”系列作品分布在新楼中。设计师将大 楼中可以找到的日常用品的剪影与人类身体的各部分和 大自然中的主题结合在一起。这些部分在绘画中的用法 都让人感到很陌生。每幅画都讲述了关于它自身存在的 环境的故事,同时又留下想象的空间。 115 Painting in Wall layout 116 117 Painting in Wall layout 118 Wall portray in shops 商店墙画 to be able to spotlight the goods on express, inside décor in shops are regularly relatively uncomplicated, yet that doesn’t suggest less significant. acceptable may well upload additional price to items, therefore supplying one other promoting aspect. the shop wall work during this bankruptcy, with assorted kinds, violent or gentle, develop into non-ignorable gleaming issues for the internal designs of the shops. 因为要凸显商品的展示,商店空间的装饰设计通常都相对简单,但简 单并不代表不重要,恰当的装饰设计能够增加商品附加价值,进而成 为商品的又一卖点。 本章所展示的商店墙画,或是张扬,或是内敛,风格不同,但同样成 为商店装饰设计中不可忽略的一道亮点。 119 completely attractive “全然性感”时尚品牌店 clothier: Dan Pearlman Photographer: Dan Pearlman accomplished: undertaking description: With disco balls, spotlights, glitter, and mirrors, the young-fashion model TALLY WEiJL invitations its confident protagonists to step right into a international that displays their way of life.

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